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Welcome to Imperial Motors

Designed and developed by John Barlow who has 33 years experience in the Design and manufacture of specialist vehicles.
The "Viscount" is his latest design following on from the - 'Imperial', the 'Regent', the 'Windsor' and the 'Royale'.
The "Viscount is longer, lower and sleeker than the 'Imperial'.
It is based on the later 'TX' Range of the London Taxi, which feature a longer wheelbase and a wider rear axle.

We have listened to the feedback from our customers with regard to the 'Imperial' and acted on their comments and concerns which are as follows:-
-The 'Imperial' bonnet is too short and stubby.
-It is too tall to fit in many domestic garages.
-There is no storage other than under the rear seat.
-The door windows can only be either fully open or fully closed.
-There is no front heaters or demisters.
-Driver legroom is restricted.
-The door hinges are prone to rusting.

We have Addressed all these Issues and the new "Viscount" wedding cars now feature the following improvements:-
-A much longer, centre hinged aluminium bonnet.
-Two wing mounted spare wheels.
-Lower roofline (4 Inches lower than the 'Imperial'.)
Note:- The floor has been lowered by the same amount this retaining passenger headroom.
- Rear luggage rack for mounting storage trunk or picnic hamper.
-Wind up Windows in all four doors.
-Additional front heater with demisters.
-More powerful 5.5kw rear heater.
-Increased driver and front passenger legroom.
-Stainless steel door hinges.
- Able to carry 7 adult passengers.


Engineered to the finest quality